Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homemade and Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

What a better way to save money and the environment than to make your very own cleaning products! The ingredients you will need are common household items and most of them come straight from nature!

Things You Will Need


Baking Soda




  • Remove rust and debris from copper, solid brass or stainless steel pots and pans. Take half a lemon, dip it in salt and rub the rust off of your cookware.

  • Clean your kitchen sink. Squeeze the juice out of three lemons and mix with salt until you get at a paste. Drop some of the paste into the sink and gently scrub the sink with it. Rinse your sink after scrubbing.

    Fight stains on kitchen countertops. Pour some lemon juice on top of the stain. Wait a few minutes while the lemon juice's acid works to break down the stain. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top of the stain and scrub the stain away.

  • Wipe down shower or glass doors using lemon juice in a spray bottle and a sponge.

  • Throw a few pieces of lemon rind down your garbage disposal. Turn on the disposal while running hot water to freshen up the disposal and your kitchen.

  • Make an all-purpose cleaner by stirring two tablespoons baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar in 2 quarts of hot water. Pour this into a spray bottle and use it around the house.

  • Deodorize your carpet by sprinkling it with baking soda, letting this sit for at least fifteen minutes and then vacuum it up. Repeat if necessary. Or, sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of your garbage can and in the garbage liner as well to get rid of stinky odors. To better absorb odors and catch any drippings, sprinkle the baking soda on crumpled newspaper and place this in the bottom of the garbage liner.

  • Another deodorizing tip is to leave an open box of baking soda at places that tend to have odors such as your fridge, under the kitchen sink and your litter box. Replace this every 2 to 3 months.

  • Wash the windows and mirrors with a solution of two tablespoons vinegar and two cups water.

  • Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the dishwater to cut grease and add sparkle to your dishes.

There are hundreds of possibilities! The ones listed above are some of our favorites! Please be sure to test out any of these solutions on a less visible spot before applying to an entire surface. See more great tips at:


matt said...

Great post...we'll try these out for sure!

aline said...

I love these tips! I'll definitely be trying them, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The lemon wedges in the garbage disposal work wonders. When running the hot water, the steam of the yummy lemmon odor spreads through the kitchen...

Everyone should try this at least once.