Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving!

As the holidays near, it's time once again to give thanks for all of the wonderful things we've enjoyed in our lives over the past year. As we give thanks, let's also consider how we can celebrate an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving!

We won't reinvent the wheel here. There are many who have offered tips and recipes and enjoy the holiday with a bit more "green style".

Our friends at Sierra Club give this Turkey Day advice-

"The Sustainable Consumption Committee (SCC)'s True Cost of Food Campaign makes it clear that our choice of food, now more than ever during the holiday season, affects our earth, our health and what we leave as a legacy to our children and our children's children. Let's pause and think about where the food we eat came from and at what cost to the environment."

To read more from the Sierra Club, click here. (Consumer Reports Green Report) has some great tips on Greening Up your Holiday Season, including serving:

-Organic meats, vegetables, and fruits
-Fair trade certified coffee, tea and wine
-Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate

Click here for more from Greener Choices.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hilda, KC, and Lily