Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What is Green?

Green is a generic term used to describe something that has a moderate effect on the environment. A green product is one that causes less harm to the environment through the manufacturing process. Before manufacturing, effects to the environment derive from: harvesting, extraction and processing. During manufacturing, environmental effects stem from: Energy usage, emissions and waste. Conventional product development tends to focus on price, performance and safety. (Not on environmental impact). Green product development heeds these product considerations while also vigorously pursuing ways to improve a product’s environmental impact across all stages of its life cycle. Trask, Crissy (2006). It's easy being green. Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith. (click to view)

With that in mind, it is Green Stuff Connection’s goal to carry all Green products. Product’s that derive from manufacturing causing minimal environmental impact and products that simultaneously make a fabulous eco-friendly purchase! So go ahead, buy green this holliday season at http://www.greenstuffconnection.com/.

What are your green goals and what steps are you taking now to achieve them?

Thank you for your participation and good luck to you all!



KC said...

For those who recycle paper, plastic, and glass together, replace your kitchen trash can with a recycle trash can. Most stuff that gets thrown in the regular trash is recycleable!

Carrie said...

After we've used our paper towel holders, aluminum veggie cans, paper bags, plastic containers, and whatver else we can think of, my daughter and I enjoy making crafts out of these "once loved" items. The possibilities are endless really! The stuff we don't end up using ourselves, goes to a community craft/recycle coop where other people can go to get large amounts of recycled products for their arts and crafts projects.

Devon Meadows said...

Well after reading about the GREEN idea and recyling I am convinced that I would like to start tying harder to be a little bit more conservative. I would love to start buying some of the stylish GREEN STUFF clothes because they are totally "in" and not only that but they are environmentally safe and helpful to our world!!! I am looking to, in the near future, start using more environmentally safe.