Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hilda, KC, and Lily’s Green Living Tips

Becoming a green family has been easier than we ever imagined. Our family is not 100% green but we’re on our way! A few simple steps have paved the way for the many changes we will continue to make.

Hybrid Vehicle- One large change our family made last year was trading our gas guzzling, highly pollutant vehicle for a hybrid Toyota Prius. The hybrid is a more earth friendly vehicle and uses less gasoline.

Laundry in cold water- Not only did we discover that our clothing was more vibrant and lasted much longer by washing in cold water, it saved us money on our power bill and continues to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.

Organic Grocery Shopping- Buying locally grown foods, eating family and friend home grown vegetables and always looking for organic foods has become the only option for our family. We are glad to pass on the health benefits to our daughters and not be a contributing factor of harmful chemicals, pesticides and growth hormones being added to our food.

Energy Saving Appliances- One by one without breaking the bank, our family has replaced our old appliances with energy saving appliances. This has this helped us save on monthly utility bills and lower our carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Bulbs- In every light fixture possible in our home, we have replaced the old fashioned light bulb with energy saving bulbs. This is another great money and earth saving tip.

Use Brita Filter- Previously we had bought into the bottled water hype! But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that filtering our own water and carrying our own bottle of water would provide us the same benefits. Our family now uses the Brita Filter and we have plenty of clean water for cooking, fresh baby bottles and daily outings.

We hope these tips will help you and your families begin to take the small steps that DO make a difference. We look forward to hearing any of your ideas to leading a more earth friendly life. We would love to hear about your favorite organic clothing products, organic recipes, earth friendly activities and anything you feel is relevant to sustainable living.

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Thank you,
Hilda, KC, Lily and our soon to be new addition Bella Rose.

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